Liebster Award Nomination!

My blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award! I am so so flattered! Thank you Steph from Steph & Penny for nominating me for this lovely award, your blog is absolutely amazing and beautiful! Steph regularly posts yummy recipes and tales of her baking adventures – make sure you visit her blog!  As eloquently explained by Steph, this award exists to recognize the efforts of well-deserving bloggers and I am so honored that she thought of me for this. ❤

I’m finding myself really getting into this blogging thing, yenno? I find every little opportunity to bake up something and share it with you all and the response has been humbling. Thank you to everyone who has followed by blog thus far – and although it is fairly young – I plan to be posting much more frequently and sharing my baking adventures with everyone! And to everyone who are dedicated to their blogs, posting beautiful, inspiring posts, thank you so much for doing what you do – your efforts never go unnoticed. It is because of all my fellow bloggers that I want to begin blogging even more! So thank you all for that!


Here are the Liebster Award nomination rules:

1) You must link back to the person who nominated you.

2) You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.

3) You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with fewer than 200 followers.

4) You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5) You must go to their blogs and notify the nominees.


Here are my answers to Steph’s 10 questions:

1)     Sunshine or Snow?

I live in rainy Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, so sunshine is always nice. But I am a sucker for a beautiful white blanket of snow!

2)     Favourite colour?

Definitely purple!

3)    What’s your star sign?

I’m a Scorpio! We’re the mysterious ones 😉

4)    Favourite food?

That’s a toughy. I’m always in for trying new foods and different types of cuisines. I find that my favorite foods are always changing. Right now I’d have to say I’m a little obsessed with Mediterranean food

5)     Whats your favourite drink?

Peppermint tea – never fails to relax me

6)    Who would be your 6 dream dinner guests?

Daniel Radcliffe
J.K. Rowling
Seth Rogen
Hrithik Roshan (Bollywood Actor)
THE Cake Boss himsel
Feud ( I a typical psychology student yet?)

7)     Have you ever been on TV?

Not that I am aware of … Maybe one day!

8)     How do you like your eggs?


9)    Do you believe in ghosts?

Most definitely! I just think there is so much to our world than what we see on the outside. Like, there may be an actual wizarding world living among us , or fairies, or…. Yeah, I think I’m just letting the kid run wild at this point.

10)  Crisps or chocolate?

I’m “allergic” to chocolate; It’s more of an aversion to chocolate, but it’s just easier to say allergic. It’s funny because a lot of my baking is done with chocolate AND I am born on Halloween – the freakin’ day that everyone goes nuts on candies and chocolate. Oh the irony, I know. SO, because of that I have to say crisps.


My nominations for the Liebster award are … *drumroll please*:

| Melodia Cakes & Treats | Dana Caroline | Bake Like A Pro | 365 Thank You Card Design Challenge | Baking With Gab | A Lyttle More | The Pastry Arch | Appleton Desserts | A Baker’s Blog | Butter, Basil, & Breadcrumbs |

These blogs are simply lovely! I can always count on being inspired or motivated by reading the wonderful posts these authors put together on a daily basis – talk about dedication!

10 questions for the lovely nominees:

1)     What is your all-time favorite movie?

2)     What’s your dream job?

3)    If you could spend a day with anyone in this world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

4)    What do you think is your best quality?

5)     Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

6)    Sweet or Savory?

7)     Do you believe in true love?

8)     What do you think about the existence of aliens?

9)    If you had to choose to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what song would you choose?

10)   What’s your favorite cake flavor?

I look forward to hearing your answers to these questions! Thank you once again Steph from Steph & Penny for the flattering nomination!

Happy Baking ❤

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